Power of Care Leadership – Catherine Cercone Miller

Catherine Cercone Miller, Mayor of the City of Struthers, answers 8 Questions in 8 Minutes as part of the Power of Care Leadership series.

Catherine Cercone Miller was elected Mayor of the City of Struthers, Ohio in November of 2019. She is a 2001 graduate of Struthers High School and earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology & Art Therapy from Capital University in 2005.

She was Struthers Girls Basketball Coach from 2009-2013 and served in the Struthers Prosecutor’s office for five years.

Her other community activities include serving on the Struthers School Foundation Board of Directors since 2015, with the Struthers Middle School At-Risk Girls Group, and as Director for Taste of Struthers.

She was president of the Struthers Rotary Community Corps President in 2013 and has been Chair of the Board of Directors of the Hope Foundation Mahoning Valley since 2014.

Connect with Catherine Cercone Miller:

Catherine Cercone Miller
Mayor, City of Struthers
6 Elm Street
Struthers, Ohio 44471

Office: (330) 755-2181 ext 110
Cell: (330) 717-2125

Website: https://www.cityofstruthers.com/

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