Power of Care Leadership – Julie Michael-Smith

Julie Michael Smith, Vice President of Vista AST, answers 8 Questions in 8 Minutes as part of the Power of Care Leadership series.

Julie Michael Smith is Vice President and Director, Learning and Instruction, for Vista AST LLC. Smith also serves as Executive Director of Advanced Methods in Innovation (AMI), a non-profit organization which offers design-thinking and Maker Space activities and curriculum for enrichment and in-school use from its Maker Space.

She represents AMI and Vista as members of America Makes, the national laboratory for additive manufacturing, and has been actively involved education and workforce development in additive manufacturing.

Connect with Julie Michael-Smith

Vista AST
241 W. Federal Street
Youngstown, OH  44503

Julie Michael Smith, Vice President
Director of Learning and Instruction
Phone: 330-727-6292
E-Mail: jmsmith@vistaast.com

On the web:

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