Power of Care Leadership – Ellie Platt

Ellie Platt, owner of Platt Insurance, answers 8 Questions in 8 Minutes as part of the Power of Care Leadership series.

Ellie Platt is Owner/President of Platt Insurance. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree is Organizational Communications from Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio, and a Master of Business Administration from Geneva College in Geneva, Pennsylvania.

Ellie will celebrate 10 years in business in 2021, but her career began right out of college at Meridian HealthCare, where she served in marketing, events and fundraising roles. She has a passion for the Mahoning Valley and is involved in many organizations, including serving as a Board Member for Oh Wow! Roger and Gloria Jones Center for Science & Technology, Rotary Club of Youngstown, United Way Women United, and Downtown Youngstown Partnership

Platt Insurance has grown to 12 employees and two locations in Trumbull and Mahoning counties. It began as a captive Nationwide Insurance agency, but is now operating as an Independent Broker and can offer their clients access to numerous insurance companies to best fit their needs. They offer a wide variety of insurance services, including Home, Auto, Business, Life, Medicare and Farm.

Connect with Ellie Platt:

Website: https://www.plattinsurance.com/
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