Power of Care Leadership – Dr. James Kravec

Dr. James Kravec, Market Chief Clinical Officer for Mercy Health Youngstown , answers 8 Questions in 8 Minutes in the Power of Care Leadership series.

Dr. James Kravec is Chief Clinical Officer for the Youngstown Market of Mercy Health and is responsible for providing physician executive leadership for the Youngstown region’s clinical enterprises (hospital medical staff involved with acute care delivery, Mercy Health Physicians and Mercy Health Select). Dr. Kravec also serves as the system medical director for Graduate Medical Education for Bon Secours Mercy Health. In the role, he leads operations, strategy and growth for the physician residency programs through the system — which currently includes six markets, 39 resident and fellowship programs and 460 residents and fellows.

Dr. Kravec is a Youngstown native and was born at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital. He graduated from Youngstown State University and earned his medical degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), completing his residency in internal medicine at Summa Health Akron City Hospital. He joined Mercy Health in 2005 and has served in various roles since then.

Connect with James F. Kravec, M.D., F.A.C.P.:

James F. Kravec, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Mercy Health Youngstown
Bon Secours Mercy Health
9471 Market Street
North Lima, Ohio 44452

Phone: 330-965-8159
Email: james_kravec@mercy.com

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