Larry Moliterno explains why he created the Power of Care Leadership series:

I’ve always been interested in the concept of leadership. I enjoy reading about it, and trying to understand it — I even taught a class on leadership at Youngstown State University.

What I’ve come to realize is that it’s not just those with formal titles who are leaders. In fact, leaders are all around us — not only heads of businesses and government officials, but also teachers, athletic coaches, community volunteers and so many others.

I started to think about the qualities these leaders might have in common, despite them coming from many different disciplines. One way I thought we could find out is to ask some of these very different leaders the same eight questions, to see if there might be any consistencies in the way they approach their work in the community.

That’s the concept behind Power of Care Leadership. I think our viewers and listeners will really enjoy hearing how different leaders answer these same eight questions — how their answers differ as well as how they may be similar.

I encourage you to subscribe to our Power of Care Leadership video or podcast series. And if you know of a leader you’d like to see on this series, please contact me personally.



Larry Moliterno, CEO
Meridian HealthCare


Here are the 8 Questions that are asked of each Power of Care Leadership participant:

  1. “How does your work make your community a better place to live?”
  2. “What would people be surprised to learn about your work?”
  3. “What would people be surprised to learn about you?”
  4. “What makes you feel good about the future?”
  5. “What most concerns you about the world today?”
  6. “What would make our world a better place to live?”
  7. “What advice would you give to a young person entering the workforce today?”
  8. “What message or quote would you put on a billboard for everyone to see?”